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Greenkeeping Update 18/6/2019

After a week of heavy rains, the course is looking well. Although the rain was very much welcome, there is a downside with increased grass growth.On the whole this is what we have needed and from tee to green everything has benefited from it. The 1 area which isn’t good is in the long rough.The extra moisture in the soil has caused the lovely long grass, which is so attractive,

Greenkeeping update 28/5/2019

Apart from a few isolated areas, spraying has been completed now and there is clear evidence of it having been successful. Ideally now we could do with some decent rainfall, a bit of growth and very quickly the evidence of the weeds will soon become non existent. This now allows us to focus all our attention on day to day course conditioning. That said we still have some work to

Greenkeeping update 21/5/2019

We had an excellent week last week with lots of productivity from the team.  Perfect conditions allowed us 4 full days out with the sprayer and 17 of the 27 holes have now been treated in their entirety with selective herbicide.Its starting to get a bit dry again, but we are hoping to continue this week and complete all of the holes. This will be a fantastic achievement and should

Greenkeeping update with Greg 13/5/2019

You’ll notice some black stakes around the course now, these are new and mark out long term areas of GUR (ground under repair). The stakes can be removed but there is no need, as relief can be taken from them and lessen the chance of them being left on the ground and the sockets lost. One of those areas is the new green complex on Rawcliffe. After finally receiving some

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 7/5/2019

It looks like we may get some rain finally this week, however nothing is ever guaranteed so we can only hope. Although there were some showers at the weekend, it wasn’t enough to make much of a difference as the soil is so dry, we really need some prolonged spells to moisten up the soil sufficiently. We’ve got the annual staff and members event this week on our little par

Update with Johnny 18/6/19

What is happening at Hunley this week? Wednesday 19th June: Ladies Wally Hall + Men’s Union Match. Morgans will be closed from 3pm for the Union Match. Thursday 20th June: Seniors have a Merit Stableford at the normal time of 9am. The ladies also have a match at 1pm. Friday 20th June: Friday see’s one Hotel Group enjoying our course, with Friday Night League being played on the spare 9

Update with Johnny 21/5/19

Hi Everyone, Please see a Golfing Tip I have written up below. How to read breaking putts: 1) Line comes first Putting equates to about 43% of your total shots out on the golf course, and while breaking putts can be quite daunting, there are ways to improve on putts with large slopes and turns. Although pace and line are related, for me, the key rules of putting are: 1)

Update with Johnny 7/5/19

Struggling with pitching? Pitching is a very important part of the game. We are not going to hit every green in a round of golf, therefore we have to rely on our short game to keep that scorecard looking pretty. What I tend to find is when teaching and observing amateur golfers is that there is an excess usage of the wrists when striking the ball. I like to keep

Update with Johnny 30/4/19

Getting your children into Golf This week I am going to discuss why and when your children should be playing golf. I frequently get asked the question of ‘Is my son/daughter to young to be trying golf?’ My best advice is it will do them no harm in starting young. Let them have a go on the range and see if there is an interest. The most important thing is

Greenkeeping Update 23/4/2019

It’s hard to believe that conditions would be so different from 1 year to the next but we are now in a drought after this time last year being closed due to flooding. There are a few issues for me to run through this week on the course, that you may already be noticing yourselves. I’ll list them below and explain what the issues are and how we plan to

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