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Update with Matt 20/08/19

This weeks newsletter will be an update as to what offers are currently running in the store. These are in no particular order: Titleist Tour Soft golf balls – a free titleist towel when you purchase a dozen. Penguin – buy one item of clothing and get the second half price. Footjoy Superlite XP golf shoes – £74.99 limited stock and only while they last. Adidas Adicross PPF golf shoes

Greenkeeping Update 15/8/2019

Although we’ve had quite a bit of rain recently, the course is holding up well and other than making playing a little tougher, no restrictions have been required on the course. Keeping on top of growth is proving quite a challenge, although up to now we are on top of things. Long rough is growing again though so we may begin the annual cut a little earlier this year. This

Update With Matt 15/08/19

Topic – How a Putter Works Putting in golf should be the simplest act to be able to perform. It does not require any physical skills or attributes to be able to perform the act, e.g. no strength requirements to be able to hit the ball 300 yards etc. However, every golfer soon realises that for what is meant to be the simplest action, it can easily be the most

Greenkeeping Update 30/7/2019

A frustrating weekend to say the least, as despite all our efforts, only the ladies were able to complete their competition because of the weather. The Greenstaff had a good week leading up to the event but had many troubles at the weekend, with not only the weather proving to be a problem. The greens mower suffered a hydraulic leak on Sunday which has badly affected Reddings green. We were

Greenkeeping Update 22/7/2019

With Club championship this weekend, our focus will be on preparing Morgan’s course. Please do let us know if there are any areas if the course that you feel need attention, however we are happy that we have got things covered. We will be pushing the greens over the course of the week in order to increase speeds slightly due to the nature of the weekends competition, fairways will be

Update with Johnny 20/8/19

World Handicap System The WHS for the United Kingdom will most likely be delayed until the Autumn of 2020 as technical difficulties remain with the Central Database.Other nations that already use a Slope Rating type system will go ahead as planned in the spring.The R & A will continue with its social media and TV introduction videos.More information as soon as we get it. Are you the best putter at

Greenkeeping Update 16/7/2019

This time of year is about as hectic as it gets for the Greenstaff, with course preparations for a hectic schedule during July and then also trying to carry out other tasks that are in need of attention.It was good to know that Captains day went well and that we got lucky with the weather and that things ran smoothly. There have been a number of issues for us to deal

Greenkeeping update 28/5/2019

Apart from a few isolated areas, spraying has been completed now and there is clear evidence of it having been successful. Ideally now we could do with some decent rainfall, a bit of growth and very quickly the evidence of the weeds will soon become non existent. This now allows us to focus all our attention on day to day course conditioning. That said we still have some work to

Greenkeeping update 21/5/2019

We had an excellent week last week with lots of productivity from the team.  Perfect conditions allowed us 4 full days out with the sprayer and 17 of the 27 holes have now been treated in their entirety with selective herbicide.Its starting to get a bit dry again, but we are hoping to continue this week and complete all of the holes. This will be a fantastic achievement and should

Greenkeeping update with Greg 13/5/2019

You’ll notice some black stakes around the course now, these are new and mark out long term areas of GUR (ground under repair). The stakes can be removed but there is no need, as relief can be taken from them and lessen the chance of them being left on the ground and the sockets lost. One of those areas is the new green complex on Rawcliffe. After finally receiving some

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