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This time of year is about as hectic as it gets for the Greenstaff, with course preparations for a hectic schedule during July and then also trying to carry out other tasks that are in need of attention.
It was good to know that Captains day went well and that we got lucky with the weather and that things ran smoothly. There have been a number of issues for us to deal with that haven’t been ideal, but this is just part of the job and we’re dealing with them as best we can.
The irrigation still has a few problems and there are leaks that need to be fixed but with little in the way of time to get these done in the immediate future, so please be aware of a few wet patches on Davy’s and Fox Covert.
The recent humidity has also led to an outbreak of Dollar Spot. This is a fungal disease that we have had problems with in the past and whilst never seen any real damage from it, because it is so rare in the UK we can’t be sure of the potential threat from the disease. We have used iron to deter the spread of the fungal spores as they are susceptible to the acidity of iron. Fortunately the turf is in good health and with stronger grass species within the turf, recovery should be quick and hopefully with a change in the weather we can move passed the threat in the near future.
One or two machinery breakdowns have slowed progress in cutting back some areas of long rough that have become too thick. However, with both machines now up and running all areas should have been dealt with in the next week or two.
Please bare with us and also let us know of any issues you may have noticed out on the course.
Many thanks
Greg – [email protected]

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