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After a week of heavy rains, the course is looking well. Although the rain was very much welcome, there is a downside with increased grass growth.On the whole this is what we have needed and from tee to green everything has benefited from it. The 1 area which isn’t good is in the long rough.The extra moisture in the soil has caused the lovely long grass, which is so attractive, to become quite thick at the base. Therefore we are going to be cutting and collecting the thickest areas to prevent problems locating balls in the rough.It’s unfortunate to lose the look and definition that the rough brings, but it is all part of the process in achieving the ideal rough that has been our aim since beginning the process 4 years ago. It also reminds us that we are not quite there yet and that play ability is still more important than the aesthetics.We will though have both eventually and are not far away with some areas not actually needing to be cut despite increased growth elsewhere.
Please get in touch to let us know of any areas that you think need our attention and we can prioritise more effectively.
Many thanks

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