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We had an excellent week last week with lots of productivity from the team. 

Perfect conditions allowed us 4 full days out with the sprayer and 17 of the 27 holes have now been treated in their entirety with selective herbicide.Its starting to get a bit dry again, but we are hoping to continue this week and complete all of the holes. This will be a fantastic achievement and should result in a significant improvement, in an area that has always been detrimental to the quality of the course. For a while the weeds will curl up and be quite unsightly, but once they die back, they will become less visible. At this point we will see how successful we have been as Clover is such a difficult plant to control with having numerous small leaves. We hope that it will just be a case of spot treatments to any areas that aren’t completely cleared this time round.

We also got round all the bunkers, cutting back any long areas, moving sand back to the front of the traps and finally put the last 2 bunkers that were GUR back in play.

When we are carrying out such a large operation like spraying, other tasks have to be left in order to do so.Last week we didn’t mow the greens as often or rake the bunkers every day. Obviously this isn’t ideal but a necessary step to improve the courses condition both short and long term.
It is very pleasing to see the course come on every year and we certainly are in far better control of the problems that we face year after year.

Thanks for now and see you about the course.


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