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It’s hard to believe that conditions would be so different from 1 year to the next but we are now in a drought after this time last year being closed due to flooding.

There are a few issues for me to run through this week on the course, that you may already be noticing yourselves. I’ll list them below and explain what the issues are and how we plan to deal with them going forwards.


  • Obviously we are spending a lot of time watering. Problems with our irrigation system are well documented, but we do now have a much improved situation. Water can be applied on all greens and about 70% of the automatic system is functional. In due course we will be installing new sprinklers and replacing valves and decoders to improve further the automatic function of the system.
  • Even with a fully functioning system, hand watering would still be carried out. This is the most accurate way to get water where it is needed and is often needed for high spots or areas that have been missed due to wind blow.
  • Please be patient if you see a member of the team working while you play. We will always make way for you to play, but it may take a moment or two for us to do so.
  • Greens may not perform quite as well during this particularly dry period. This is partly down to us mowing less in order to reduce the stress on the turf, but also due to a lack of growth. We will be top dressing again soon to help improve overall smoothness.


  • There are numerous weeds in the turf at the moment (mostly Daisy and Clover). We have been wanting to treat these with a selective herbicide however, the dry conditions would prevent satisfactory results. In order for the herbicide to work, the pant needs to be actively growing to absorb the active ingredients.
  • Once the soil has had sufficient rainfall, spraying will commence.

New Turf

  • We are trying desperately to establish turf that was laid during the closed season. In reality though, until we get significant rainfall these areas are going to be slow to get up to the condition of the surrounding turf.
  • Although we have been irrigating the turf, the lack of rain, warm sunshine and persistent winds are making it very difficult to keep moisture in the soil.

Rawcliffe New Green

  • Again the lack of rain is hindering the development of the new green. We have overseeded and fertilised the area and also watered several times. The green is starting to establish and it is easier to see how the new hole will look and play, however it is slow going currently.
  • With favorable conditions it will establish quickly and we are hopeful this will be the case in the near future.

If you can be patient with us at this time it is much appreciated as we try to give you the best conditions we can. Overall the issues above should not detract too much from your enjoyment and once the opportunity arises we will be on the case!

In the near future there will be both a ‘Course walk’ and ‘Wildlife Walk’ that I hope many will attend. There is plenty to learn about Hunley and things are very positive on both fronts, so keep an eye out for further details in the coming weeks.

Thanks Greg

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