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Apart from a few isolated areas, spraying has been completed now and there is clear evidence of it having been successful. Ideally now we could do with some decent rainfall, a bit of growth and very quickly the evidence of the weeds will soon become non existent.

This now allows us to focus all our attention on day to day course conditioning. That said we still have some work to do on the irrigation system, but should be able to do so in between normal routines.

We are currently seeing the fescues in the rough starting to seed and it really does provide the most beautiful color and definition to the holes. Despite the grass being long, there is no issue with it’s severity and a ball is easy to locate in amongst it. Any areas that have become thick are being cut and collected on a weekly basis which so far is working well. This is all part of the ongoing process to have all areas become consistent and even the areas still not perefct will continue to improve year on year.

I thought now would be a good time to set a date for a course walk, so will host 1 on the Saturday 15th June at 10 am. Anyone wishing to know more about how and why we do certain things to the course, this is the perfect opportunity to ask those questions that I’m sure are brought up from time to time during your golfing visit.

For anything else just pop me an email to [email protected]o.uk

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