Home Uncategorized Greenkeeping Update 30/7/2019

A frustrating weekend to say the least, as despite all our efforts, only the ladies were able to complete their competition because of the weather.

The Greenstaff had a good week leading up to the event but had many troubles at the weekend, with not only the weather proving to be a problem.

The greens mower suffered a hydraulic leak on Sunday which has badly affected Reddings green. We were able to react quickly and hopefully our efforts will have saved a worst case scenario, however it is likely some of the turf will die off.
To add to that, the prolonged damp humid conditions, are ideal for the turf disease Dollar Spot and sure enough it reared its head on Sunday. As a result we will be applying iron to the greens to both deter further development and also strengthen the turf.

Having gained more experience of Dollar Spot, in a country that rarely sees it on golf greens, we are learning to cope better with it and this year overall damage has been minimal, despite ideal conditions for the disease.

Even with all the issues recently, it’s still very pleasing to see the course in great condition for play and I hope that the weather hasn’t dampened your spirits too much either! With the knowledge of the competition being rearranged, hopefully we will have better luck second time round!



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