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You’ll notice some black stakes around the course now, these are new and mark out long term areas of GUR (ground under repair). The stakes can be removed but there is no need, as relief can be taken from them and lessen the chance of them being left on the ground and the sockets lost.

One of those areas is the new green complex on Rawcliffe. After finally receiving some rain, there is now a little growth and things have begun to progress. Last week we seeded and top dressed a few bare spots and turfed a couple of areas that were struggling because of being on a slope. It’s still at least a couple of months away from use yet and even when it is, competitions will continue to be played to the old green for the remainder of this year as new cards will be needed etc. We do intend to have in use though for social golf at some point this summer and therefore you’ll get a chance to play it quite a bit before any competitive golf begins with the new layout.

This week now rain has come, with growth beginning to be evident and a good forecast ahead, we will be looking to treat weeds across the course with selective herbicide. All areas are to be treated from tee to fairway, semi, approach and golfing rough. It is particularly necessary in the longer grass where clover can be a real problem, however please be patient as this is no small task and may take us some time to get on top of the weeds. This is both down to the sheer size of the course and also having suitable calm conditions to carry out the work.

Everything else will just be routine maintenance with mowing, range ball collection, bunker work etc.

Happy golfing, Greg

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