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After all the excitement at Augusta and of course Tiger’s incredible comeback Major win, it’s great to reflect on what is truly a magnificent sport played in such a great spirit. Seeing all the other competitors congratulating him and genuinely happy for his success, is just not seen in any other sport. What a great start to the golfing season and it really gets the golf juices flowing!

Back to Hunley and we will be removing preferred lies this week as conditions are now fine on the fairways and with the course having good definition.

This week I just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention an issue that is becoming more and more problematic.

Members of the public using the bridle path through the course are roaming onto the course more and more frequently as well as letting their pets off the lead and losing control of them. I frequently speak with dog owners and it is clear that they mean now harm but are completely unaware as to the damaging affect that dogs can have on wildlife.

We have a beautiful course which has seen an enormous increase in wildlife in recent years and it is great to see. However, with spring here many species are waking up from hibernation, many are nesting and in some cases already rearing young.

Dogs running through the undergrowth disturb nests, scare off mothers protecting young and in some cases the dogs have killed animals. We have had Hares killed by Lurchers and have seen the Deer chased by dogs. Whilst it may seem that a small dog couldn’t harm a Deer, it only has to cause one to fall or run into something and the Deer can die from shock quite easily, I have seen this happen unfortunately.

At Hunley we have quite a few species of great importance due to decreasing numbers.

Grey Partridge has decreased in number in the UK by 85% over the last 25 years. Brown Hare have also drastically decreased in number, again by 80% over the last century and these animals are particularly threatened due to habitat loss.

It is impossible for the greenstaff to protect our wildlife alone and this is something that we need to do collectively. If you see dogs on the course please try to explain to the owners the harm that this can cause. If you sometimes walk your own dogs at Hunley, please think about the impact that this may have on nature and keep to the foot paths with your pet on a lead.

Finally, this is not a post against dogs. Nor against people enjoying the beautiful walks around Hunley with their dogs. We just want to protect our endangered wildlife whose home is the golf course. Dogs do not understand and the responsibility lies with the dogs owner.

Your help with this is very much appreciated. Together we can make a difference.

Thanks Greg

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