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Getting your children into Golf

This week I am going to discuss why and when your children should be playing golf. I frequently get asked the question of ‘Is my son/daughter to young to be trying golf?’

My best advice is it will do them no harm in starting young. Let them have a go on the range and see if there is an interest. The most important thing is to expose them to the beautiful game.

My biggest regret is not starting golf at a young age. As no one in my family really played golf I never really understood what the hype was about. Then, was I was around the age of 15 myself and a friend went to the driving range one afternoon and that was me hooked. Now being a professional I always wonder how much I could have enjoyed my teenage years more if I had of been introduced at a younger age.

At our Junior Academy here at Hunley, we have 75 juniors. Our youngest Junior has just turned 5 in the last couple of weeks. Are they too young to be playing? Definitely not! Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods both had a golf club by the tender age of 3.

The best way to initially introduce your child to the game is take them to the driving range and let them swing away. Children are great imitators by just watching. They tend to have the basic movements anyway! At the beginning try and stay clear of much instruction. Simply having their hands next to each other and their feet apart is more than enough for them to get going! Lastly, make sure the ball is tee’d up for them.

Don’t try and push them too much and a very young age, remember their attention spans are short. If they get distracted and want to play with the worms in the grass, or play in the bunkers, let them (as long as you rake it afterwards!)

Once they begin school, their attention span increases and this is the ideal time to get them into some Junior Group Coaching Classes. This will help them develop, make some little buddies and most importantly keep them interested in the sport. As long as they are having fun at a young age and are getting a ‘grip’ with the basic fundamentals you are setting them up for a fun childhood ahead!

My favourite time of the year was the Summer Holidays because I would get dropped off at the Golf Club early morning and be there all day! Your children will be safe, having fun and you won’t actually spend too much money keeping them occupied over the holidays!

Our junior classes run on Saturdays at 9-12pm and Sundays 9-12pm. If you have a child/grandchild you would like to give golf a go please email me on [email protected]

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