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Topic – How a Putter Works

Putting in golf should be the simplest act to be able to perform. It does not require any physical skills or attributes to be able to perform the act, e.g. no strength requirements to be able to hit the ball 300 yards etc. However, every golfer soon realises that for what is meant to be the simplest action, it can easily be the most frustrating as well due to the degree of accuracy required. Putting is almost a game within a game. The criterion to hole a putt requires it to be broken down to the correct read, the correct line, and the correct pace. The three of these together produce a putt that is holed perfectly. Though when it comes to understanding the function of a putter, we are only concerned with the two: correct line and correct pace.

Correct line can be the harder of the two to correctly find. Each player will make a different putting stroke and at a club level, each stroke a single player makes will be different. Companies have tried to simplify the process of fitting by coming up with visuals and reference points when trying putters but these do not pertain to how the club is swung. It is more towards how the player addressed the ball. 

Odysseys version of this is called the EyeFit, this works on the principle that the further away you stand from the ball the flatter you would swing it around yourself therefore it should arc more. The more your putter stroke arcs, the more the face will rotate and therefore the putter will require more toe hang.

There is easy test to do in order to find out what way your putter is meant to be swung: Simply hold your putter horizontally about a quarter of the way down the shaft from the head and let the putter face hang as it naturally wants to. If the putter face points directly to the sky then it is face balanced, if it points parallel to the ground then it is a toe hang putter. There are putters made that are designed with a slight arc in mind and these will fall half way between the two in this test. See the following picture to get an idea of how to do the test.

Image result for face balance test putter

If anybody would like a further chat about this or would like to know what type of putter would suit them best, feel free to drop in the shop and have a chat.

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